Company Name EverX Japan Co,Ltd.
CEO Sudhir K. Mishra
Established October 2003[Incorprated in Februay 2007]
Capital 30 million JPY
Business Description Domestic procurement and export of diagnostic imaging equipment such as MRI, CT scanner, Cath/Angio equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment (US), and related business
Outsourcing of dismantling and removal of medical equipment
Planning for removal / disposal of medical equipment
Purchase and disposal of unused items other than medical equipment.
Licenses & Permits Highly managed medical equipment sales / rental business license (No. 725110)
Medical equipment repair business permit (14BS290057)
Secondhand dealer license (Kanagawa Public Safety Commission No. 452550006390)
License for sales and rental of highly managed medical equipment for animals (Hamano No. 516-16753)
Unified qualifications for all ministries and agencies General competition (designated competition) Participation qualifications (trader code 0000121348).
Main business partners Leasing companies, medical device manufacturers, dealers, hospitals / medical institutions, etc.
  • EverX Japan Co.,Ltd.

    Kowa Kawasaki Nishiguchi Bld. 1F
    66-2 Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-Ku
    Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-Ken Japan
    Tel: 81(44)-541-6267
    Fax: 81(44)-541-6268

  • Higashi Ogishima Warehouse

    Higashi Ogishima Logistics Center
    Logiport Higashiogishima Building B501
    15, Higashiogishima
    Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi
    Kanagawa-Ken Japan

  • Daikoku Pier Warehouse

    Daikoku Pier 5-1 Daikoku Pier L-1, Tsurumi-ku,
    Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-Ken Japan


With Covid-19 continuing to disrupt our every-day lifestyle, the challenges to the global medical sector (critical medical care) are ever-increasing. Not only is there a short supply of essential goods failing to meet the demands of medical facilities, there are numerous facilities around the world who are waiting to access to affordable medical equipments.
EverX Japan thrive to help these medical facilities cope with these challenges to make the lives of quarantined patients a little more tranquil— with affordable medical equipment being crucial in these crunch hours, we give every bit of effort to acquire such equipment and make them readily available to those in need.

Having been established back in 2003, EverX Japan has made its mark as a leading supplier of used and refurbished medical equipments, especially radiology-equipments: continuously sourcing quality equipments from Japanese hospitals, dismantling them with great precision and storing in our air-conditioned facility at Tokyo, and finally transporting with utmost care to our esteemed customers all over the world. Although we mainly focus on supplying the medical sectors of emerging economies who often struggle to afford such high-cost equipment, we do also supply to any part of the world within the bounds of respective laws and regulations.

As an attainment to our credibility, we always provide QA reports of every single piece of equipment we trade. Moreover, regardless of the value of the equipment, every system we sell is meticulously checked and any dysfunctionalities are clearly and immediately reported.

We would be happy to receive your enquiries and we assure you the best of service as we hope and endeavor to build strong business relations, even beyond our trades.